Update #04242012

The office is buzzing with the sound of printers sputtering and keyboards being pecked at. Things are happening. A new chap by Tony Mancus called "Bye Lands" is nearing completion. Covers next week and then up for grabs soon thereafter. Also in the works will be books Tyler Flynn Dorholt, Jon Cone, Weston Cutter, Ric Hale, and Eric Amling. Drums will roll! Trumpets will blare. Golly!

Corduroy Mtn. will be taking submissions shortly. The theme for the next issue will be “Postcard Greetings” so keep that in mind, body, and soul. 

We’ll have a couple new pamphlets to drop from the skies soon as well. Also bringing back the James Haug River of No Rivers pamphlet because I just reread Scratch (Tarpaulin Sky) and let me tell you, the dude could bring a spoon to a knife fight and still inflict some damage. James Haug. Check his stuff out. Seriously.

Later this summer we’ll be starting up a subscription plan! More details forthcoming but it will happen sooner rather than later so save up your spare change or sell off that collection of Marvel 2099 comics. Especially the ones with the hologram covers. 

Other big news: We’ll be unveiling a Greying Ghost Archive series in the fall and will make available certain out of print titles from our catalog. The titles will be printed as they are ordered. Books will all be the same size and have the same grey covers. “Greying Ghost Archive Vol (    )” will be letterpressed with the title stamped. There’ll be a rotation of titles available. Some will not be reprinted (re: chapbooks that have since been printed as part of a full length). Authors will be contacted before anything goes live. 

Slowly adding items to our Etsy shop. 

Lastly, there’ll be a couple of Greying Ghost readings happening in the Boston area and maybe a few more elsewhere. More info TBA once authors, dates, venues, are lined up. Can’t wait to take this show on the road and shake everyone’s hand. 

That’s it for now.